【Official】 Pocket Monster Pokémon IIIIfit Loop case for iPhone15 14 13 iPhone15 Pro


【公式】ポケットモンスター IIIIfit Loop iPhone15 14 13 iPhone15 Pro

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Material : PC/TPU/Nylon/Zinc Alloy/Iron
Package Size : H: 195mm × W: 119mm × D: 18mm

Note: Due to your monitor settings, room lighting, etc., the actual product colors may differ. Due to various circumstances, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

This case features a strap loop for iPhone15 Pro on the back. It has a hybrid structure of PC and TPU for shock resistance, protecting against scratches, minor vibrations, and impacts. The shape is designed for easy grip, and the TPU material provides a rubber-like flexibility, ensuring excellent grip sensation. With an attached strap loop, it prevents smartphone drops and adds a fashionable touch to your carry. The strap itself has an adjustable slider, allowing customization of the length, approximately 70cm when in use.

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Ditto, Fuecoco, Ganger, Pikachu, Rowlet