【Official】 Pokémon iPhone15 Pro 15 Pro Max 14 Pro 14 Pro Max Camera Cover – Camera Lens Protector


【公式】ポケットモンスター iPhone15 Pro 15 Pro Max 14 Pro 14 Pro Max 対応 カメラカバー ポケモン カメラレンズ保護

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Material : Aluminum Alloy/Glass
Package Size : H: 93mm × W: 67mm × D: 5mm


Note: Due to your monitor settings, room lighting, etc., the actual product colors may differ. Due to various circumstances, designs and specifications are subject to change without notice.

This aluminum bumper is compatible with iPhone15 Pro, iPhone15 Pro Max, iPhone14 Pro, and iPhone14 Pro Max, serving as a camera lens protector. It safeguards the camera lens even when the phone is placed with the lens facing downward. The bumper is made of high transparency and 9H hardness reinforced glass for effective lens protection.

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