Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Frieren Gets Eaten By Mimic Outdoor Compatible Sticker(Pre-order)


葬送のフリーレン ミミックに食べられるフリーレン 屋外対応ステッカー



Release Date : early Jun 2024

Brand : COSPA

Series Title : Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Size: Approx. H11 x W12.9cm
Material: Synthetic Paper, PP

-This product is not suitable for use on rough surfaces or curved surfaces where strong adhesion is required.
-If there is moisture or dirt on the surface to which the sticker is to be applied, the adhesive force will be weak. After making sure that the sticker is clean and free from moisture or dirt, apply pressure to the entire surface and apply the sticker firmly.
-Do not apply to paper or other materials that may be damaged when removed.
-Do not apply to PE (polyethylene) materials, embossed or coated small boxes, wood or stone (natural materials), linen bags or non-woven fabrics.
-Avoid using the product in areas where the temperature is high, such as near the engine of a motorcycle, or in a cold environment, such as a refrigerator, which may weaken the adhesion.
-Depending on the material to be applied and the location, the sticker may come off easily.
-Please note that removing the sticker may leave a mark on the applied surface.
(If you warm the surface of the sticker and peel it off, it will come off nicely.)
-The estimated life of this product is approx. one to two years, although it depends on the condition of use and the surrounding environment.
(Adhesion and print retention period)