About Us

Welcome to Yumejoshibu~~

Welcome to Yumejoshibu!

Yume’s passion for Otome games, anime, video games, and manga comes to life in our handpicked collection. 🌸

Our platform offers easy access for nakamas to purchase or adopt Oshi Characters from Myanmar. Explore our agent services, oshi support products, and handmade offerings, designed with the utmost care. With Yumejoshibu, rest assured that you’re supporting the original artists and creators behind every cherished item. 🌟

Together, let’s celebrate the artistry that inspires us.

Why choose us?

Tired of sky-high shipping fees and surprise import duties?

Say hello to hassle-free shopping with Yumejoshi’s Store!

We get it. You love finding amazing deals online, but those pesky shipping costs and unexpected import fees can quickly turn your bargain into a budget-buster.

But here’s the good news:

When you combine your orders with us, you unlock a world of savings:

Cheaper shipping fees: meaning you pay less for each item you add to your order. The more you combine, the more you save!

Reduced duty fees : By consolidating your purchases into one shipment, you can often qualify for lower import duties or even avoid them altogether. No more surprise fees at your doorstep!

Streamlined logistics : We handle all the customs paperwork and logistics, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your shopping spree without any added stress.

Account & Website user's guide

How to order limited edition pre-order?
How to order Hand-made itmes?
How items without shipping fees works

1. For Purchases: Choose the items you want, add them to your cart, and check out and send payment.
2. After we have confirm the payment, we will purchase your items. All orders are processed in the order they are received. We’ll let you know when your items are successfully purchased.
3. Once your items arrive at our warehouse(myanmar), our team will check that the correct items arrived.
You’ll get an email/phone call letting you know your items have arrived, and please ready for 2nd Payment.
4.You’ll choose your delivery method and complete payment.
5. Your parcel will be shipped to you, and you’ll be given the tracking number or notify you which delivery service we used.


Can I combine my orders and have them shipped together ?

We cannot ship items together if the release dates are TBA or 30days apart . We do not accept requests to cancel orders that cannot be combined.

The release date has come , how long will it take to arrive Yangon , Myanmar ?

Due to the circumstances regarding pre-order stocks , it will take atleast 1~2 months to arrive. There are also sometimes delays due to weather or remoteness of destination or some circumstances.

Do you ship to other country ?

We only ship to Myanmar 🇲🇲

Can I change my shipping address ?

You can update your registered shipping address on your account page . Please note that we cannot change the address for the packages that have already been shipped.

How long will hand-made items take to deliver ?

Hand-made items will take atleast 2 weeks ~1 month. But It will take more time when there’s huge quantities.

Can I cancel my order ?

As per our site term & conditions, we do not accept requests for cancellations or returns due to customer convenience. If we are forced to cancel orders repeatedly , your account may be restricted , If you have received a shipping confirmation or your items are currently being processed for shipping.


We accept the following payment : KBZ bank , AYA bank , CB bank , KBZ mobile banking , AYA mobile banking , AYA pay , Kpay , CBpay..

Please note that we do not accept Wavepay & Cash on delivery.

Are the prices shipping & tax included ?

Yes , All the prices are already shipping & tax included.

The Price may change due to the exchange rate.

The image on your website is different than the item I received! Why ?

Because we often list our merchandise before the final products are released, most photos shown on our website are of prototypes or samples provided by the manufacturer. There may be some inconsistencies between the prototypes and the ones actually marketed for mass-production. Additionally, some products have sections that need hand painting at the factory, which may also cause individual differences. These are not considered manufacturer’s defects.