【Official】 Disney Twisted Wonderland Compact Mirror


【公式】 ディズニー ツイステッドワンダーランド コンパクトミラー

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Acrylic / Glass/Steel/PU

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Twisted Wonderland’s compact mirror is here!
Usually a large decoration! When you are worried, take out the mirror and check your appearance!
It can be easily attached to smartphones and other devices, making it convenient and very useful!
All 7 types “Heartslabul” “Savanaclaw” “Octavinell” “Scarabia” “Pomfiore” “Ignihide” “Diassomnia”

It is a sliding mirror that can be attached to a smartphone.
There is a 30mm adhesive gel on the back.
It can be used for models and cases made of plastic (polycarbonate) with a wide enough adhesive surface and a flat surface.
Depending on other materials, curved surfaces, uneven surfaces, and surface treatments, the adhesive strength may be significantly reduced.
* Please check the material of the smartphone body and case before purchasing.

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Twisted Wonderland

Diasomnia, Heartslabyul, Ignihyde, Octavinelle, Pomefiore, Savanaclaw, Scarabia