Cute Shoulder Transparent Character Stuffed Bag


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Product Information:

  • Overall Size (including lid): W25×D10.5×H20cm
  • Overall Size (excluding lid): W24×D10×H19cm
  • Strap Size: Maximum 135cm (adjustable)
  • Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, polyester
  • Weight: 700g
  • Colors: Black/Ivory/Pink/Light Blue/Purple
  • Set Contents: Main body 1 piece, Lid 1 piece, Strap 1 piece, Stand 2 pieces, Binder 1 piece
  • Note: Due to monitor and environmental differences, the actual product colors may slightly differ in appearance.

【How to Remove the Protective Film】

A protective film is attached to prevent dirt on the binder (clear board). The protective film is located on the outside of the clear board in two places.

  1. Press firmly on the stitching lines of the piping.
  2. Pull the protective film slowly to avoid damaging the main body.

If the film is not completely removed at once and a small piece remains, press the stitching lines again and pull the film. During this process, take care to avoid damaging the main body and proceed slowly.


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